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emDRIVE successfully passes 5000 hours endurance test

EmDrive H300

We are proud to announce that a variant of our motor controller emDRIVE H300 has survived over 5000 hours non-stop test without any fault. The drive was controlling an EMRAX 228 motor in continuous motion from 23.09.2016 at 08:40 to 26.04.2017 at 11:09, under specially isolated conditions (artificially increased temperature up to 85 °C degrees, while gate resistors and transistors worked on 130-140 °C degrees). Therefore, it underwent 5138 hours of work, which can be translated in around 300000 kilometers in an electric vehicle. Our staff was able to learn a lot and gain valuable information from the experiment, which will certainly help to improve the performances even more. Some of the proposed improvements are already underway - a new cooling system for the gate driver is implemented, further increasing the life expectancy of the drive as a consequence of the lowered temperature. EMSISO plans to conduct more tests in harsh environments on the controller, as a proof of the quality of our products and the high standards we hold.

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