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Emsiso started co-financed project "Degraded mode motor controller" worth half a million

Emsiso started new state of the art project "Degraded mode motor controller" co-financed from EU. Complete project value is 425.950 EUR, and EU co-finances 45% of it.

Currently Avio market is searching for motor controllers which can work in Degraded mode. Degraded mode can be explained as working of controller with reduced performances after error detection. Like any other electronic device, hardware errors can also occur on motor controller. Better controllers can detect such errors, start safety functions and turn them off. Such behaviors is allowed in industrial or automotive industry, but it is highly undesired in Avio field. In Avio applications it is a huge advantage, if motor controller can detect error, and then change working algorithm in a way that motor controller can still work, but with lower performances as a result. Lower performances mean smaller power or greater motor torque pulsation,.... This is called degraded mode operation.

Typical scenario is failure of controller power stage during plane departure. At that stage, controller works at maximum and thus probability of error increases. In degraded mode, controller could work with reduces performances and that would mean less safety risk comparing to complete motor controller failure.

Such project would be state of the art in Avio applications, since all current implementations, ideas are only in research phases. Additionally, such project will be according to latest standards and law in Avio field. Such standard is already acquired in some countries for professional quadrocopters.

More info about co-financed project "Degraded mode motor controller" and public tender is available on

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