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Development of Series Drivetrain solution successfully finished

Emsiso successfully launched new emDrive solution for series drivetrains.

A drivetrain is the collection of components that deliver power from a airplane's engine/motor to the propeller. In hybrid-electric airplanes, the drivetrain’s design determines how the electric motor works in conjunction with the conventional engine.

In general there are parallel and series drivetrains or combination of both.

Hybrids that use parallel drivetrains, the electric motor and internal combustion engine can provide mechanical power simultaneously. In hybrids that use a series drivetrain, mechanical power is received only from the electric motor, which is run by either a battery or a gasoline-powered generator.

Developed system can either work with or without battery. Differences:

1. With battery. In this case power is controlled by external engine control unit

2. Without battery. Power is simply controlled by throttle on ICE (motor engine).

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