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New product in emDrive H300 family (H300A)

We are proud to announce a new version of emDrive H300, called emDrive H300A. New product was designed for applications where Degraded mode is demanded. emDrive H300A can detect different errors, and then change working algorithm in a way that motor controller can still work, but with lower performances as a result. New advanced functions (for degraded operations) are available as options and can be selected depending on different application needs.

Key features/options:

  • Improved reliability comparing to standard solution

  • Improved robustness comparing to standard solution

  • Standard or military connector version available

  • Feedback sensor failure (sensorless operation)

  • Redundant operation with feedback sensor splitter (in case of dual winding motor)

  • Improved algorithm in case of output failure

  • Improved algorithm in case of too high motor temperature

  • Improved procedure in case of battery voltage measurement failure

For more information about new product and features contact us at More info about co-financed project "Degraded mode motor controller" and public tender is available on

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