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State of art charge amplifier DAQ

Emsiso has developed electronic system for piezoelectric pressure measurement applications where extreme pressures are measured in short time accurately (8000 bars in range of 500us).

Highlights of the system include a double circular battery powered PCB with a diameter of 1 centimeter which contain the entire charge acquisition electronics and can start the measurement to a 1 minute accuracy after 4 days of sleep mode while the temperature fluctuates between -40 °C and +60 °C and complete circuit consumption during full measurement 1M samples at 14 bits is still less than 3mA. Measurement data is stored in realtime and read afterwards through USB channel.

Additionally, we developed laboratory DAQ that consists of 4 parallel analog chains capable of measuring different input types and providing digital data to FPGA. FPGA is performing real time DSP on digitized signal data and outputs the filtered data either back in the analog realm or transfer it to a network server using Ethernet. Additional main CPU as added to control and configure complete system for different user settings.

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