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GSM/NB-IoT tracking unit

Emsiso has developed a new product in his portfolio. This is an ultra low power stand alone tracking unit dedicated for tracking vehicles and goods.

Newly developed tracker is totally stand alone – powered by an internal high capacity battery or integrated solar cell. In battery mode, the life time is greater than 5 years, depending on communication setting. This was achieved with the use of new GSM/NB-IoT, which greatly reduces power consumption and in the same time increases coverage. This means that successful communication is possible even in areas without traditional GSM signal coverage. For areas without GSM/NB-IoT coverage, it falls back to GSM-2G. Position reporting is adjustable in order to trade off update rate versus power consumption. Smart power management will detect movement and wake up the system to accurately detect the start and end of each journey . Unit can connect to external sensor network via integrated low power Bluetooth module. Same communication is used also for local configuration. Configuration and SW upgrade can be also done remotely. Finally, tracker is mounted in robust enclosure providing IP68 water protection and vibration resistance. Special mounting clips are available for vibration isolation and fast mounting on vehicles. Newly developed tracker is in field testing phase and can be adapted to customer requirements.

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