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EMSISO Ensures Automotive Functional Safety per ISO 26262

EMSISO, R&D company that provides full Embedded developments in various fields and emDrive, globally recognized brand for motor controllers, had Inhouse Course for ECQA Certified Functional Safety Manager Course ISO 26262.

In this 1 week training course the attendees were introduced to ISO 26262 based on examples from real ASIL classified projects in Automotive. EMSISO participated actively in case studies and elaborate an ISO 26262 safety case based on our products and projects. We elaborated a Hazard and Risk Analysis, System Analysis (FuSiCo, TeSiCo, diagnose matrix, HSI), software architecture, HW safety analysis, fault trees, FIT rates calculations and nevertheless gathered knowledge about legal aspects.

Mentioned ISO26262 training course was carried our by respectfull ISCN LTD/GmbH and issued/accredited by European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA).

11 people attendet this important training course with different topics to get different knowledge and roles in ISO 26262 projects.

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