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emDrive propelled Stewart Platform

Emsiso is thrilled to announce the development of our Stewart platform, designed for student challenges, development purposes, and after-work fun.

This innovative platform offers a versatile and dynamic workspace environment that allows exploration and implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

We owe a huge thanks to our team of developers, who started this project as a hobby, for their dedicated efforts in bringing this platform to life. Their passion and commitment to excellence have made this platform possible. We are grateful for their hard work.

Our Stewart platform is not only beneficial to the educational community, but also to users who want to enjoy its ride. We are confident that the platform will open up new possibilities for students and users alike, and we are excited to see the amazing projects and solutions that will come out of it. We have prepared a video presentation that is divided into two parts.

First part showcases the Stewart platform in motion, while a user plays a game. The complete movement of the Stewart platform can be seen, as well as the view of what the user sees on the screen and the outcome of the game in relation to acceleration, movement and rotation. This is then translated into Stewart platform movement.

Second part of video is explaining complete Stewart platform from theoretical point of view.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of our new Stewart platform and work together to create a better future through education and innovation.


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